2017 Bryan Health NE State Road Race

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May 20

South Bend, Nebraska


2017 Nebraska State Road Race Championship

$2380 in cash prizes plus merchandise for the Road Race

Racers in the Bryan Health Road Race will discover that Nebraska is not flat.  This course has plenty of hills and an exciting uphill finish.  The course will be the same as last year with the exception of the staging area located in South Bend instead of the Round the Bend restaurant.


Category – Start – Laps – Miles – Prizes – Field – Limit – Entry Fee

Men 4 – 12:00pm  – 4 – 40 – $100, 80, 60, 30 – 75 – $35

Men Masters 50+ – 12:00pm – 4 – 40 – $50,30,20 each – 75 – $35

Men 5, Women 4 – 12:05pm – 3 – 30 – Medals/3 – 50 – $30

Women Masters 40+ – 12:05pm – 3 – 30 – $50, 30, 20 – 50 – $35

Juniors 9-12, 13-14  – 12:10pm – 1 – 10 – Medals/3 – 50 – $10

Juniors 15-16, 17-18  – 12:10pm – 2 – 20 – Medals/3 – 50 – $10

Men Pro, 1 & 2 – 2:30pm – 7 – 70 – $250,200,150,80,50,20 – 75 – $40

Men 3 –  2:35pm – 6 – 60 – $150,100,80,50,30 – 75 – $35

Women 1, 2, 3 – 2:40pm – 5 – 50 – $250,200,150,80,50,20 – 50 – $40



For updates and more race info including maps and parking go to www.teamkaoscycling.com



To register visit www.usacycling.org



  • All 2017 USAC rules are in effect.
  • Racers can work only with the group they started with.  If one group overtakes another both groups are neutralized while passing.
  • Events will be held rain or shine.
  • Place race numbers on the left side.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times while on the bike.
  • Only Nebraska residents are eligible for Nebraska State Championship awards.
  • Race organizers reserve the right to cancel/combine events or pay out to only the top half of a field in the event of low rider turnout.
  • Neutral wheel support will be “wheels in/wheels out.”  Please make sure to identify your wheels properly.  The promoter is not responsible for lost or stolen wheels. Please share wheels with teammates as there is limited space for wheels.
  • The yellow line rule will be strictly enforced, except that the course will be open to two full lanes for the last 500 meters; marked with traffic cones.
  • Junior gear restrictions will be enforced as specified in the USAC 2017 Rulebook.  All junior riders will be subject to a rollout immediately following their competition.   Rollout prior to the race is available and encouraged.
  • Juniors:  You will have your own group for the road race.  Riders 9-12 and 13-14 will finish after one lap (11 miles); riders 15-16 and 17-18 will continue on for another lap (22 miles).
  • Race result protests must be filed within fifteen minutes of a result posting.  Race occurrence reports must be filed with a race official within fifteen minutes of the finish of a race.  Race organizers will attempt to distribute prizes within an hour of posting final results.
  • All races will begin promptly as scheduled and will be conducted regardless of weather conditions, unless the officials and race organizers agree to modify and/or cancel a race due to extraordinary circumstances or potentially dangerous weather or road conditions.
  • Race Support: No personal or team support vehicles will be permitted on the course.   Neutral wheel support may be provided in the road race on a “wheels in, wheels out” basis.  Wheels should be clearly marked with rider name and race number.   All riders must put their wheels in the wheel truck at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the first race.    Wheels should be reclaimed within 30 minutes of the conclusion of each race.



Although the course is the same as last year, the staging and registration will be located in South Bend instead of the Round the Bend restaurant parking lot as in past years. The restaurant will be open and needs the parking space for patrons and have asked that we not park there.  The staging area is located in the small town of South Bend on Hwy 66 which has an out of business gas station we can use for staging and parking. The address is 103 Nevada St, South Bend, Nebraska.

2017 State RR Map

2017 State RR Map


PARKING : Traffic will be directed to park on the shoulder of 328th St which heads due South from the staging area and also has a parking lot about 700 meters down. In town parking at South Bend is limited and the streets do not have curbs, but the sides are bordered with new sod . DO NOT park on any grass in town ! (except on 328th street, parking on grass shoulder is OK ) In town streets to park on would be Nevada & Nebraska streets which are wide enough to park on the side without touching the new grass/sod. Please be respectful of the South Bend residents, don’t block driveways,ect…  We want to be able to return next year!                   For map & updates please check www.teamkaoscycling.com

There will be a very short neutral rollout from the staging area in South Bend; racing will begin in about a mile on Highway 66 at the start of the first climb.  The finish line will be about 500 meters south of Highway 66, at the highest point of the course.  This is the same as last year. The full width of the road will be available for the last 500 meters-look for the cones. Prizes and awards will be distributed at the staging area in South Bend right after finish of the first groups and again after the 2:30 groups.

IMPORTANT : NEW THIS YEAR As racers finish and ride the course back to staging area in South Bend one mile down Hwy 66, care must be taken to stay on the shoulder to the far right since any racers will be using the main traffic lane and are traveling down the hill at a high rate of speed. The shoulder is wide and smooth and has a white line and rumble strips separating it from the main highway so it is pretty easy to stay within the shoulder and not cross over into the traffic lanes.  Finishing racers who do not follow this and ride in the traffic lane and not on the shoulder to the right of the white line risk disqualification.  

There will be a feed zone and discard zone just past the finish line directly across from Round the Bend restaurant.   Hand-ups will be from the right hand side of the road only.  Neutral water will be provided at the feed zone; personal or team hand-ups are also allowed within the feed zone.  Discarding of empty bottles anywhere other than the Feed Zone or Discard Zone is not permitted.  (We have received complaints in the past about water bottles in the ditches, which jeopardizes our ability to have future events).  Hand ups outside the official feed zone are not permitted.  Racers are asked to not attack in the feed zones.  Many experienced racers carry enough water so they don’t have to rely on a hand-up.

Directions to the course: take I-80 to exit 426 (Ashland/South Bend), drive east on Highway 66 4 miles to the small town of South Bend. The staging area is on Hwy 66 in South Bend on North side. The nearest gas station or food is in Ashland 10 miles to the west or Louisville 10 miles to the east so plan ahead.  Except Round the Bend Steakhouse 1 mile west of South Bend is open at 11 am; they have plenty of food and adult beverages. Pizza will again be provided courtesy of Casey’s.



There are several lodging opportunities.

Mahoney State Park and Platte River State Park are on or near the road race course near Ashland.  Both have modern camping facilities plus lodges.  The lodges are similar to nice hotels plus you have lots of recreational opportunities.   Both lodges have restaurants (open for breakfast also).

Mahoney: outdoornebraska.ne.gov/parks/guides/parksearch/showpark.asp?Area_No=273

Platte River:


The nearest hotel is 10 minutes away at Super 8 in Gretna; several others are available 20 minutes away near Omaha, or 30 minutes away in Lincoln.  There are no hotels in Ashland or Louisville.


Nearby Attractions:

  • Strategic Air and Space Museum www.sasmuseum.com  One of the best aircraft museums around.  Just west of the interstate.
  • Mahoney State Park Nebraska’s largest state park, just west of the interstate  on Highway 66.
  • Platte River State Park near the road race course.
  • Others: see www.visitcasscounty.com and www.visitsaunderscounty.org.



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