8 Best Bike Bags, Boxes and Cases for Travels in 2021

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If you’ve ever traveled with your bike by plane, then you’ll understand how important it is to find the best bike bag to protect it from potential damage.

In this post, we’re giving you a rundown on the best travel cases, bag, and boxes for bikes in a number of categories.

My selection of bike cases will tickle the fancy of every road cyclist and mountain biker. They are all great for traveling in airports or for bicycle touring.

B&W International Bike CaseBest OverallB&W International Bike Case
BIKND Helium V4 Bike Travel Case Black/GreyBudget PickBIKND Helium V4 Bike Travel Case Black/Grey

1. B&W International Bike Case

Our rating: 9 / 10

B&W International Bike Case

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  • Has the best manufacturer’s rating
  • Easy to use.


  • Check the size with your frame carefully.
  • B&W International Bike Case is the best bike case available on market due to its high-quality and durability.

The quality is reflected in its highly positive customer reviews. B&W bike case is very popular among cyclists as it accommodates almost any frame size and it is also good for those who want to get two bikes.

B&W International Bike Case is not cheap, but it is the case to be used for touring. This bike case offers features that allow cyclists to move easily without worrying about their bike and it prevents scratches and damages.

2. BIKND Helium V4 Bike Travel Case Black/Grey

Our rating: 6 / 10

BIKND Helium V4 Bike Travel Case Black/Grey

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  • Security Straps
  • TSA-Friendly
  • Padded

BIKND Helium is one of the best road travel cases of 2019 that you should definitely consider.

This case is made of high-density fabric and has wheels attached to the bottom for upper body travel. It isn’t hard itself, but rather has rollers attached to the back of the case.

The Helium has straps you can use to safely secure your wheels while you travel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best bike travel case?

Among the great variety in the world of bike storage, Topeak Defender ʹCaliper Bike Case is one of the best models you can come across.

The case is made of Ripstop Polyester and the inside is lined with a soft foam to help protect your bike.

It features a full-length zipper designed for easy access and it is retractable and adjustable wheels.

When not in use, this case can fold completely flat and it comes in six different colors.

It is quite roomy, measuring 63 x 31 x 25 inches when both wheels are down.

However, fit can be an issue if you have a larger bike.

However, if you have a lighter bike, this case is a great choice for you.

How do you pack a bike in a hard case?

Packing a bike in a hard case is one of the most popular ways to bring a bike on an airplane. Airplane travel requires the bike be boxed to fit easily into the overhead compartment or under the seat.

When traveling by plane with a hard case, it is the responsibility of the passenger to check the bike case as airline size and weight restrictions apply.

When packing a bike into a hard case, take into account the shape and size of the bike frame. Each bike is different, even within the same brand and year, so it is the responsibility of the owner to be honest about the size of their bike.

Carefully wrap the frame in a protective foam layer first, followed by various padding material, such as bubble wrap, foam padding and blankets.

Try to keep any exposed areas covered to avoid the possibility of damage from rubbing against the inside of the case.

How do I pack my bike for air travel?

It depends on the type of bike and box you have, but the basic principles remain untouched.

If you have a full-suspension bike, go ahead and lower the fork and tire to its smallest volume, which should usually be possible with or without the wheel in place. You may also want to remove the pedals, seat, and anything else that can be taken out to make your bike fit perfectly in the box.

You can start lining your box with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or other cushioning materials to protect your bike from damage. You can then begin to fit your bike parts and position them in the box based on where they will need to lie once you get the bike to your destination.

Once that is done, you can put the rest of your bike in the box. Leave some room for expansion and padding for extra protection, making sure any cables or wires don’t get trapped and can breathe easily.

How do I pack my Evoc pro bike bag?

Itʼs time to explore your cycling vacation destinations in a way that’s convenient and comfortable for you and your bike.

For those of you who are a fan of using hard cases, the Evoc Pro Bike Bag definitely fits the bill.

Just like any other hard travel case, this one is designed to make transporting your bike easier and safer. Because the case is built around a form-fitting mold, you donʼt have to worry about boxes or strange fits.

The case also got rid of those standard hooks that can damage your bike frame or leave scratches on your paint. This is because it uses top-quality adjustable straps that go around your entire bike.

Your bike is also fully protected inside of the case, so in the case of damage, you can feel at ease to ensure that your bike is still in pristine shape.


We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing 8 of the best bike cases and boxes for travel, and we’re elated to present them to you. What we loved about these bike transport cases was that they work extremely well for a variety of bike types and they’re built with features in mind too.

Here’s a quick review of our 8 favorite bike cases, which we outline in more detail in the following paragraphs.

Our Recommendation

B&W International Bike CaseBest OverallB&W International Bike Case
BIKND Helium V4 Bike Travel Case Black/GreyBudget PickBIKND Helium V4 Bike Travel Case Black/Grey