The 7 Best Bike Water Bottles in 2021

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While it’s usually pretty easy to get a bike bottle in the correct size, it can be harder to choose a good bike water bottle from the many cycling water bottles available.

If you want your bottle to be lightweight, leak resistant and easy to squeeze bottle, I’ll outline the best bike water bottles to buy, as well as some to avoid in this guide.

Water is the key to endurance and you want to make sure that you have plenty of it available when you’re cycling.

Here are the best bike water bottles to choose from.

CamelBak Podium 24oz Water BottleBest OverallCamelBak Podium 24oz Water Bottle
Polar Bottle Sport Insulated Water BottleBudget PickPolar Bottle Sport Insulated Water Bottle
ELITE Eroica 600 Aluminum-Silver Water Bottle 2016Upgrade PickELITE Eroica 600 Aluminum-Silver Water Bottle 2016

1. CamelBak Podium 24oz Water Bottle

Our rating: 9 / 10

CamelBak Podium 24oz Water Bottle

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  • Sleek Design
  • Durable, won’t crack or break

CamelBak Podium water bottles are my top choice for bike water bottles as they are designed to last. Coming in at 24 fluid ounces, they have plenty of space to carry water for a quick three mile commute to the office or a five hour bikepacking trip.

CamelBak Podium Water Bottles are made to be unbreakable, BPA free, and fit inside most standard cages.

What’s the best part?

2. Polar Bottle Sport Insulated Water Bottle

Our rating: 8 / 10

Polar Bottle Sport Insulated Water Bottle

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  • Keeps water cold for up to 24 hours
  • Affordable
  • Easy to squeeze
  • Wide handle ensures convenient carrying


  • Can be heavy for some
  • Not suitable for hot liquids

And Loop, Green, 25-Ounce.

While most bike water bottles are focused on keeping water cold, Polar Bottle is the company that introduced two great cold and hot insulation technologies. Using a combination of their unique, proprietary insulation called TempShield, and Double Wall Vacuum Insulation, they have been able to create a bike water bottle that can keep liquids cold for 24 hours.

The Polar Bottle Sport Squeeze Bottle combines these technologies with an ergonomic shape and the handy Squeeze Channel for one of the best on-the-go water bottles around. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes, all with the same intelligent design. For cold, this water bottle can keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours.

3. Elite 0091754 Super Corsa Water Bottle

Our rating: 6 / 10

Elite 0091754 Super Corsa Water Bottle

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  • Durable plastic
  • Reasonably priced


  • Leaks easily
  • Doesn’t keep drinks cold or hot

This water bottle is made from a tough, durable plastic and is great for those just getting into long bike rides and dreading the thought of broken glass. There are no frills here, just a simple, durable bottle with a screw-on lid. It doesn’t keep drinks hot or cold for long, however, so it’s not very good for those who want to get the most out of their water. It’s also not at all leak-proof, so if you’re going to be transporting water, you’ll want to either fill it to the brim or carry it in a resealable plastic bag, which may not be an issue for every rider.

4. ELITE Eroica 600 Aluminum-Silver Water Bottle 2016

Our rating: 6 / 10

ELITE Eroica 600 Aluminum-Silver Water Bottle 2016

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  • 25 oz Capacity holds a fair amount of water–about 16 fluid oz
  • Top screws on for easier storage
  • Comes with a plastic straw for your ease of use
  • Hand washable and easy to clean


  • The straw is a bit hard to pull out
  • The container is bulky and can’t fit on standard bike bottle cages without being put on the frame first.
  • This water bottle is a great buy! Especially for a road bike!

25 OZ.

The Elight Eroica Aluminum-silver water bottle, 25 OZ has a unique design and works great for everyone. The top screws on to save room and the ability to carry more water.

I love the design, especially how the cap screws on instead of other bottles where the cap has to fit in a slot making it hard to carry. This bottle fits easily in my camelback vest for ease of use. In addition, the plastic straw in the cap you can either drink out of it or you can just pinch the straw and squirt it into your mouth.

5. Tacx Shiva Bottle Unprinted

Our rating: 4 / 10

Tacx Shiva Bottle Unprinted

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  • It has a capacity of 500CC
  • It has a Silicone/TPE/Silicone construction
  • It has a removable valve
  • It is portable

How to find the best road bike for you?

Are you fed up with your current commuter road bike? Need a replacement road bike? Are you looking to upgrade? Are you getting more serious in training?

There are several things to consider before buying a cycling bike. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Water level can not be seen
  • It is not easy to drink
  • Sometimes it can be folded

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size water bottles do pro cyclists use?

There is a large range in the size of water bottles used by pro cyclists.

The shortest distance events, and for professional riders, most enduro and cross-country events use 750ml bottles, although there are some long-distance events that use smaller 350ml bottles as well.

Triathlon and Time Trial bikes typically use 650ml and 600ml bottles for events that are longer than 3 hours.

The standard bike, and if you are simply looking for a bottle to carry water or a non-carbonated drink, these are the best size.

The larger bike is popular for mountain bikers who are out for several hours, touring or randonneuring. Some will use the larger size bottle a few times a week to carry their hydration mix while commuting.

Longest events like Ironman triathlons and the 24-hour solo world championships use the largest bottles that hold 900ml of liquid.

What is the best water bottle for cycling?

As important as it is to maintain a good hydration level when cycling, you don€™t want to be spending time during your ride repeatedly stopping to take a sip of water. With that being the case, finding a good bike water bottle is an important decision, since most riders prefer not to wear bottles attached to their bikes.

Water, water, everywhere, but it's not always easy to access. Bike water bottles, whether full or empty, can vary wildly when it comes to how they perform while on the bike and where they fit while off of it.

A few factors are important to consider when deciding between water bottles: how the bottle feels and feels at the end of a ride, how easy the bottle is to drink from, and how easy it is to access before and during a ride.

What is the healthiest water bottle to use?

It’s been proven that staying hydrated is essential for overall health and wellness. Not only will it help protect against cancer, dementia, and diabetes, but it will also keep your skin and hair healthy, and your body from feeling sluggish.

While bottled water is less expensive and has less plastic, it typically has traces of chemicals such as BPA. In fact, a report from Food Matters found that water can have more chemicals in it than soda!

Given the popularity of bottled water and the reports of chemicals in it, we have highlighted a few other options to consider. Below are some of our favorite bike water bottles.

Is it unhealthy to refill water bottles?

The amount of BPA exposure you get when refilling water bottles is a concern, but refilling water bottles is about as safe as drinking from the same water bottles over and over again. Any amount of BPA exposure is not ideal, though.

The only way to get the most BPA exposure from a water bottle is to microwave it and drink from it right away.

While it is for the most part safe to refill water bottles without special care, it is best to at least throw them in the freezer before refilling them to get rid of any bacteria that might have built up.

On the other hand, it is possible to get sick from tap water, but the people most likely to do this are infants and people who have weakened immune systems or are older and drinking from the tap water they are used to for the first time in a long time.


Are you wondering what the Top 7 best bike water bottles are? We researched over 20+ models currently on the market to find the 7 best water bottles for biking of 2021. From plastic to stainless steel, check out the infographic below to find out the top 7 bottles.

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CamelBak Podium 24oz Water BottleBest OverallCamelBak Podium 24oz Water Bottle
Polar Bottle Sport Insulated Water BottleBudget PickPolar Bottle Sport Insulated Water Bottle
ELITE Eroica 600 Aluminum-Silver Water Bottle 2016Upgrade PickELITE Eroica 600 Aluminum-Silver Water Bottle 2016