The 8 Best Commuter E-Bikes in 2022

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We put all of these awesome e-bike options through our in-depth, side-by-side tests to thoroughly review them. And so you can make the right choice, we asked the most pertinent questions and got answers from the companies making each e-bike bicycle.

We also rode the e-bikes for a number of days to get a highly direct and real-life feel for the performance of each under a variety of different commutes and riding conditions.

Reader note: I’m a big proponent of e-bikes. I use them for a variety of short and long commutes, as well as on weekends for relaxing rides! They enable you to reach places faster and enjoy the ride more.

Tests: We tested the motor, gear shift, suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres, and brakes, all with the same 24v, 500 W, motor system and battery on each bike, so we could speed up the process of narrowing down our top picks.

Our Pick: The Mission Motors Mission 1 and the Specialized Turbo Levo are both true e-bike riding experiences, delivering speed for the weight and cost of them. But the Turbo Levo is the better rider here. It has greater torque, speed, range, comfort and brakes than the Mission 1. And it has more eye-catching looks, is lighter and comes with better parts than the Mission 1.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best electric bike for commuting?

There are SO many answers to that question, because everyone has a different commute.

The best commuter e-bike could be as simple as a single-speed with a rear rack if you don’t live very far from work and like to ride some hills in the morning to get a little exercise.

However, other commuters might need a bit more help with their commute. This is where e-bikes make even more sense.

Once you have the battery, the majority of the weight is shifted toward the rear wheel, making the bike easier to pedal. And with the motor, you can ride all the hills in your commute with ease, as well as take short cuts and just go faster when you want.

Which e bike has the longest range?

E-bikes that have electronic parts are certainly the most common within the broader e-bike scene. They incorporate a battery and motor, and there are typically different levels of assistance that can be selected through an app or a traditional on/off throttle.

The throttle is often mounted on the handlebars or left within the top tube. While it can be useful for starting and stopping, it is usually wired to the motor, so the motor shuts off while riding without the throttle.

This is a safety feature to ensure that if the battery dies while riding, the rider is still able to coast. The throttle will turn the motor back on as long as it is connected to the battery.

When the battery is very low, the throttle will automatically shut on the motor. This ensures the security and safety of users. This is unlike the torque sensors on some mid-drive motors.

What is the best e bike motor?

In our opinion, hub motor kits are the best choice of motor if you are looking to buy an electric bike. They offer some advantages over other types, and a good hub motor kit will provide you with lots of power for little money.

An electric bike is a great alternative to a regular bicycle. If you are tied to your work location and would like to commute quickly to work, an e-bike could be the perfect option for you. Transportation is one of the biggest expenses in life, and the price to recharge an electric bike every two weeks to your work could be the difference between a vacation or just another weekend in town.

We've chosen 8 of the best e-bike motor kits that provide an excellent starting point for most bicycle enthusiasts looking to buy an inexpensive but high-quality motor kit.

What kind of bike is best for commuting?

Your ride to work should be safe, convenient, and as speedy as you want it to be.

Depending on your driving conditions, commuting could be a breeze or an excruciating ordeal. Are you going on a flat route with few cars? Or do you have to zig-zag through dense traffic?

Your answer to that question will decide what kind of bike is best for you.

The best bike for commuting, as well as the most durable, is one that has an integrated lighting system and fenders.

Not only do these components make your ride safer and easier, but they are a great way to protect yourself from the elements and keep yourself and your bike clean.

Other than a few exceptions, any urban bicycle can be your bike for commuting through all your streets. The best commuter bikes will have certain qualities, such as comfortable seats, wide tires with low air pressure, and disk brakes.


Our recommendations are based on our research and come down to a combination of effectiveness, quality, enjoyment, and value for money. We feel you're likely to find the best commuter electric bike at one of the price points we've mentioned. Hopefully, you are now able to make a more informed decision and select the best bike for your needs.

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