The 9 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2022

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This compilation of the 9 best electric mountain bikes is the result of our extensive research. We’ve also built a Machine Comparison Table for your convenience.

If you’re looking for something a little different to ride on roads or trails, here are your options: Each of these electric bikes will get you from A to B with ease — and they’ll do it faster than you can on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best electric mountain bike on the market?

We looked at six leading brands to find out which one delivers the smoothest and most reliable electric bike experience. Prices vary considerably in the electric mountain bike market so we compared the top 5 bikes in 2019 according to trail performance, battery life, and control.

As we put it, if you are looking for an electric mountain bike with both great value and performance, we recommend the 2019 Specialized Turbo Levo.

The Turbo Levo is the most aggressive electric mountain bike that we have tested to date. It is designed for mountain bikers who require a robust suspension that can handle extreme terrain.

Specialized is best known for the fact that parts have been designed to work together seamlessly. The Lagano 29 fork and the Specialized own-branded motor are a perfect example of how they have excelled in delivering a front end that is both secure and has handling that is well-tailored to the bike.

What is the best EMTB 2022?

The electric mountain bike market will evolve significantly over the next few years. EMTBs will continue to assimilate into the mainstream and become a part of everyday user cycles.

Are the best EMTB 2022 consumer grade bike and will be the electric mountain bikes we see in 2018 really still going to be the most notable bikes in 2022?

Probably not. The best EMTB in 2022 will be bikes that are completely different to what we have available today. We will see AMTs and EMTBs handle more extreme terrain and be capable of multiple laps in a single day.

While all of this technological innovation will have taken place, the end product will remain very similar; solid bikes that you can ride on the trails, on mountain bike trails and in cities as a way to get from A to B much faster.

What is the best e Bike 2022?

What to consider?

Electric bikes are divided into pedelecs, pedal assisted electric bicycles (PAEB), electric bikes, and electric motorcycle(s), though they all work similarly.

For those new to e-bikes, some may think that all e-bikes are the same, but there are many different types of the e-bike, with some very diverse features.

Here is handy guide to help you understand what is best ebike 2022 for your needs. This guide will help you decide between and which type is right for you.

Is an electric mountain bike worth it?

Yes, an electric mountain bike is worth it if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck. You will get to ride the trails with ease and won’t have to worry about the ride.

Here’s what you can expect from an electric mountain bike:


We’ve spent hours researching and testing about 35 different models and we’ve narrowed this list down to the 9 best electric bikes of 2022. The bikes may vary in price, watt hours, and battery technology. But in the end, the ones that made it to our list delivered a great experience, a smooth ride, and were loved by most of their owners. Our picks also offer a good set of features that a majority of customers would look for in an electric mountain bike.

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