The 9 Best Endurance Road Bikes in 2020

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Endurance road bikes are popular among bike riders because of their speed, performance, and efficiency. They are often lightweight, built for speed and with comfort in mind, while being aerodynamic, which makes them a perfect choice for commuting, touring, and racing, as well as long-distance rides.

For those reasons, there is a huge variety of endurance road bikes out there to choose from.

It can be overwhelming to weed through them, especially as they are all designed for different purposes and prices.

To make it easier for you, I have researched the best endurance road bikes of the year and have picked out 9 of the best bikes in order to help you choose the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the best endurance road bike?

When looking at the best endurance road bikes, most donʼt feature the stiffness of a pure bred race bike. The difference in ride feel comes from varying frame materials. Alloy frames are much softer than their more prestigious carbon fiber counter partners.

To supplement frame stiffness and rider comfort, manufacturers will often include carbon front forks and seatstays. These provide the unsprung parts of the bike with a greater amount of vibration dampening. This has led to a trend in road bikes towards stiffer and stiffer front triangles; however, it is nothing a rider would notice.

Another trend evolving is the use of disc brakes. Many manufacturers have adopted disc brakes to match current mountain bike trends, but donʼt let that mislead you. Disc brakes, when utilized by both braking brands simultaneously, offer superior modulation and feel than traditional rim brakes.

Should I buy an endurance road bike?

If you're looking for a bike that will let you hit long distances for long periods of time without the pain, an endurance road bike is a good option. These bikes are not quite as speedy as a race bike, but they are often lighter and more comfortable.

And, much like racing bicycles, you can find an endurance bike with either a straight or drop frame design.

Endurance bikes usually have large frames and wheels compared to their race bike counterparts so that they can carry more weight and the rider can travel longer distances without getting worn out.

Because of their larger frames and wheels, endurance bikes weigh more than top-level racing bikes, which can sometimes be a deal-breaker for athletes who take their racing seriously.

What is an endurance bike?

So what makes an endurance bike? It is designed to be a comfortable bike for all day rides that can cover long distances. These adventures often involve hills, mountains, rocks, and dirt paths.

Endurance Bikes tend to have an upright riding position and comfortable geometry. Most models also sport either disc or cantilever brakes, as opposed to performance bikes that will typically have rim brakes.

As with any bike, there are high-quality models and many that are not worth buying. There are a few factors to consider when looking at Endurance road bikes. Here are the most important considerations.

What is the difference between endurance and race road bikes?

Endurance road bikes are built to cover long distances.

They are built using more comfortable geometries, using slightly bigger frames, wheels, and tires, and they usually feature more comfortable saddles.

Endurance road bikes are usually built with the comfort of long distance riding in mind. They are larger than road bikes used for racing. They have more space to fit wider handlebars, which allows the rider to move around more and reduce soreness in shoulders, arms, hands, and wrists.

Racing bikes are built for speed and aerodynamics, and therefore feature lighter frames, thinner wheels, thinner handlebars, and are built to deliver optimal performance for shorter distances.

A typical racing bike weighs more than endurance models, but maintenance is also more intensive.

Another trait endurance road bikes owe to the distances they are designed to cover is their versatility.


At the moment, there are only seven bikes on the market that we feel are suitable for a long distance cycling route: the Cannondale CAAD12 105 Ultegra Complete Bike, the Cannondale CAAD12 Ultegra Complete Bike, the Electra Amsterdam City Bike with Shimano Sora and the Electra Amsterdam City Bike with Shimano Claris have already been reviewed. This leaves five great models for you to choose from.

Don't get us wrong, some of the machines below are fantastic road bikes to own and to ride, but they're more likely to be quicker and more agile than the ones above.

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