The 11 Best Melbourne Shop Rides

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Peak Cycles

Peak Cycles is located in the CBD, and they store and service all kinds of bikes. If you live in the city and would like to get away from the traffic and annoyances that come with it, then you can go on the Peak Cycles city ride. The best shops for road riding are Bicycle Addiction, Zen Bikes and Rush Cycles.

| Best Left Handed Shop Ride

SpeedHut is Australia’s number one in BMX and mountain bike accessories and it is located in Footscray. Therefore, the perfect place to get your bike ready for a left hand shop ride would be SpeedHut. In addition, the shop ride will take you to all of the best Melbourne attractions. If you want to visit the “Melbourne Experience” then you will need to head to the Docklands, Federation Square and St. Kilda. If you decide to shop at the St. Kilda end of things, then there is a good chance that you will be followed around by some African wildlife, many of which seem to have a keen appetite for stationary bicycles.

Berwick Cycles

For most of us, getting into the world of cycling can be a difficult thing. Buying the best bike for you and learning how to maintain it can be almost as expensive as going to a bike mechanic. You can always buy second hand, but unless the bike is still in its prime, it’s going to need a lot of work.

Berwick Cycles know this, which is why they have created Berwick bike lab.

This new bike lab opened in June 2017, and it consists of a fully-equipped workshop. Its space is broken down into frames, wheels, bars, forks, forks and more. There is a Berwick Cycles with tools and workstands for and a workshop area with a bench grinder and some work tables.

Berwick Cycles work with repairs on all manner of bikes and cyclists, and they love to recycle.

For more than 15 years now, anyone can head over to the Bike Gallery shop in Carlton and participate in one of the shop’s weekly rides. This ride is great for those who’d like to get an easy casual ride in with other likeminded cyclists. This shop ride is held every Thursday at 7:30pm, departing from Bike Gallery. The route takes them along Lygon Street through Carlton and Brunswick to Brunswick Bike Zoo. This around 5 kilometer ride is all about maintaining a steady pace for about an hour. People who participate in the ride love the fact that it’s a friendly and relaxed group. Also, the ride provides easy access to both Lygon Street and a place like Brunswick Bike Zoo, which is definitely worth sticking around for.

Total Rush Cycling

On a bright Saturday or Sunday morning, you may find yourself part of a long line of bicycles cruising down Lygon Street or along the Yarra River. Originating in Carlton, the Melbourne Total Rush Bicycle Ride, commonly known simply as the Melbourne Bicycle Ride or sometimes Magic Millions Cycling, is the most popular urban bicycle ride in the world.

The Melbourne Bicycle Ride was founded in 1985, and two to three times a year, thousands of cyclists crowd Lygon Street and the Yarra River. It is always organized by the Bicycle Network, and it is free and open to everyone. It is a long ride, spanning about 35kms. but it is all benedict, which makes it an excellent choice for the beginning cyclist.

Most riders usually meet up at Parliament Station, making it an easy destination for tourists and first-timers. There are a number of places to gear up, and volunteers will generally help you in the process. Helmets, high visibility clothing and water bottles are provided, but if you feel that you are missing something, just feel free to bring your own. They don’t mind!

Essendon Cyclery

Fun Ride- Essendon Cycle Centre – Sunday 10:30am – 6.5km

This ride begins at the Essendon Cycle Centre on Bendigo Road, Essendon. Fitness is not essential as this is a social ride with a maximum of 50 riders. Helmets are compulsory for everyone. There will be a briefing before each ride. It’s important you attend as there is information you need to know to ensure that the ride goes safely and enjoyably.

The ride is very popular because the riders stop at a cafe en route for morning tea.

Tuesdays 7pm – 10km – The Warehouse Cafe, Morwell.

Every Tuesday night from 7pm at the Warehouse Cafe, Morwell. The ride fills every week so you are advised to arrive early.

Fridays, 5pm – 14km – Dinner Plain.

The Dinner Plain ride starts from the Crowes Carpark. The Dinner Plain Ride is friendly and welcoming, with members providing assistance if a rider is having difficulties with hills, tight corners, sharp bends or river crossings. This is a social ride with a maximum of 35 riders. The ride covers a variety of road surfaces and is not suitable for novice cyclists. Bring a 15-litre water bottle, a spare inner tube and all the required safety equipment.

Sundays, 10am – 11km – Dandenong Ranges.

Croydon Cycleworks

This bike and coffee shop is the ultimate inner city hang. It’s a great place to start your ride with a cup of revitalizing coffee and a hearty breakfast roll and end your trip with a well-deserved ice cream sandwich. And it’s conveniently located on Swan St in central Melbourne, so stop by and refuel when you’re done.

Spider Bikes

So there you have it, 11 Melbourne shop rides that will take you into other worlds, and far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ready to kick back and get lost in the ride?

Choosing Your First Bike

Deciding on the best bike is a decision that you need to make with care. It’s not something that you want to take lightly or do without understanding the importance of the decision.

It will be the bike that takes you on many adventures. A bike that will help you get to school. A bike that will get you to the market. A bike that will take you on the coolest rides ever.

So what should you consider when choosing your very first bike?

The first thing that you should consider is the age of the child. This is important because children grow at a remarkable pace and sometimes need to outgrow their bikes.

The other thing to keep in mind is the kind of riding that you are going to be doing. You may be mountain biking, commuting to school, casual riding, or participating in bicycle clinics. All of these will need different kinds of bikes.

You may even be the adventurous type and you like to jump right into the ride. However, before you do any of that, you should learn all you can about bicycles and the various parts of them.

Urban Pedaler

The Urban Pedaler is an ideal Melbourne shop ride for beginners and young families. It offers a combination of hills and flats so you can make a game out of it while doing a few laps around the neighbourhood. Bring your own bike or rent one from the place for around 10 bucks.

Afterwards, stop by their cafe for some decent coffee and snacks or pack a picnic and head to the nearby Docklands area where you can take a few more laps around the park for some extra kilometres under your belt.

The Freedom Machine

(height: 33 inches, length: 41 inches, wheelbase: 30.2 inches)

This is a very versatile longboard that is extremely portable, especially if you’re willing to sacrifice some stability for speed. Because it’s lightweight and has a small turning radius, it’s perfect for going on long distance journeys. You can load it in a car a whip it out whenever you hit a clear path. The Australian Skateboard Company also manufactures all the longboards in-house, which means that you can easily exchange parts and customize them to fit your needs.

Like many longboards, the Freedom Machine Longboard boasts a completely different set of specs in comparison to other types of skateboards. For one, it’s just 33 inches tall, which means that even the smallest passengers can board the Freedom Machine Longboard. However, despite its small stature, it’s still 41 inches long, so passengers can have plenty of room to move around. The smaller height also makes this a great board for kids because they can have just as much fun but with a lower risk of crashing.

Another set of specs that’s unique to the Freedom Machine Longboard is the wheelbase. The wheelbase is the distance between the wheel axis, and the distance between the two wheels is 30.

Port Melbourne Cycles

This cycle hub is located on the Port Melbourne waterfront on the north bank of the Yarra River. The Port Melbourne Cycles service bicycle rentals and bike-sharing services to the general public. This is of great benefit to tourists who want to explore Melbourne on bicycle rickshaws.

Port Melbourne Cycles provide safe, secure cycling services that are fully trained and by-the-hour, day, month or year. They offer a great variety of bicycle equipment, from single to double and kid’s bicycles.

Port Melbourne Cycles operate from a fully automated online booking system and offer bike hire to travellers from various other countries around the world. Their goal is to provide bicycles for tourist cycling and to help you explore Melbourne. They can also provide mobile storage of luggage and equipment and technicians to provide bike assistance and repairs.

Port Melbourne Cycles also provide cycle tours that give travellers an insight into Australian culture and lifestyle. They will take you on a cycle tour through the city streets and the Yarra Walk. Port Melbourne Cycles is the perfect place to find an affordable means of transport and explore Melbourne at your own pace.

Bike Force Docklands

Bike Force is the largest specialist bike store in Melbourne covering everything from road cycling to mountain bikes, they even sell electric bikes! They have stores located in Fitzroy and Docklands, which is the Docklands location in this post.

They have a huge range of bikes, parts and accessories on offer. They have a service area and a test ride area so you can test out your new bike, and lots of staff to give you advice and make sure you’re happy with what you’re buying.

Their Docklands store is really easy to find, located on the corner of Collins st and Fowler street, next to the bus terminal. They’re open every day and usually have staff outside to point you in the right direction. Bike Force looks pretty new and top of the range, and the staff are always really friendly and willing to help even if they are busy.