The 10 Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads in 2022

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Mountain biking can be one of the most rewarding sports or activities in the world. It can be challenging too, as you really push your limits and sometimes injure yourself.

However, with the right protection, you can prevent such injuries and enjoy your ride without any worries or fear of getting hurt.

You don’t have to test your luck, either, as I’ll give you the lowdown on the best mountain bike pads for knees that I’ve managed to find for you.

Including a wide range of choices, it should be easy to find what you’re looking for below.

Here is a list of the best mountain bike knee pads that you can buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best knee pads for mountain biking?

The answer to what makes a good mountain bike knee pad can be summed up in one word: protection. Unlike some cycling gear (like jerseys to shirts), knee pads are pretty straightforward in what they should do: protect your knees. While knee pads can never protect against every possible scenario, the best knee pads will protect your knees against most.

As you might imagine, knee pads can vary wildly in weight, warmth, and their feel on the skin. Because of that, we would recommend looking at specific scenarios that you might encounter while mountain biking. Minimal pads are dramatically lighter, but you’ll sacrifice a bit of protection, while bulkier styles are much warmer, but heavier to wear.

What are the best knee pads to buy?

The best knee pads are the ones which are injury-preventive and comfortable.

Injuries usually occur on bikes when we go over the handlebars, so it’s important to have a good knee pad to protect us from the fall. Most injuries happen on landing at full speed, but wearing knee pads might prevent this if they are comfortable and serve great protection.

Another key aspect in choosing the best knee pads is comfort. Injuries might occur when a knee pad slides off or is too tight. A good knee pad is the one which you can wear for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Some bicycle enthusiasts even claim that a good knee pad can make them feel like they’re flying on their bikes for hours, so don’t forget to include the comfort rating in your research.

Why do mountain bikers wear knee pads?

For the most part, knee pads are a precautionary measure for mountain bike enthusiasts. If you don’t want to rock your skin and to wear pads, you won’t be the only rider in the crew not wearing them.

Even though it seems like wearing knee pads means you’re less tough than riding without them, this isn’t true. Riding off a small jump is more likely to result in your shin hitting the deck than it is your knee.

However, if you do a lot of technical riding around rocks and trees, or are pushing your limits with a high flying stunt, knee pads are a necessity.

Knee pads are a good way to protect your shins from carbon fiber, wooden obstacles, and other pointy things you’ll find off-road. Not only that, but they can help you avoid injury if you fall.

What is the best mountain bike clothing?

Mountain biking is an exciting activity for those who dare to take it on. But liability is a fact of life, and knowing what to wear to minimize the risks is the smart thing to do.

Luckily, mountain cycling is extremely popular and manufacturers have taken note, creating clothing from multiple materials at varying price points for those who ride into the great outdoors.

They are generally made of weather-resistant materials, breathable and anti-microbial and, in some cases, compression materials. One of the other nice qualities of mountain biking clothing is their versatility.

They can be used for walking around town as well as on the trail. You can find the best mountain bike clothing that will increase your enjoyment of your activity and reduce your exposure to risk.


If you have ever biked on a mountain bike and fallen, then you have no doubt appreciated the difference knee pads make. Some of the biggest injuries to bikers are knee injuries. These accidents could have been prevented with knee pads. Better yet, knee pads can make your bike experience much more fun by allowing you to ride your favorite trails over and over again.

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