The 8 Best Mountain Bike Tires in 2022

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If you have a mountain bike, you must have a wide selection of mountain bike tires in 2019 available to you for riding on different terrain.

However, the mountain bike tire industry is constantly changing and what was best last year may no longer be as relevant or popular today.

Take a look at the top mountain bike tire this season below!

Keep in mind that even if it’s clear that you’re passionate about mountain biking, the perception of this sport and the type of mountain bike tires you may need may still vary from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best tires for mountain biking?

Mountain biking tires are much smaller than road and city/utility bikes, with almost exclusively treaded rubber compounds. The aggressive treading allows superior grip on loose and muddy terrain while also minimizing rolling resistance on hard terrain.

Mountain bike tires are categorized as either cross-country (XC) or all-mountain. XC tires are the fastest option with little grip, while all-mountain tires are the most versatile. All-mountain tires fall between the XC and downhill categories.

For XC tires, there are heavy and light options, with the heavy ones typically for racing. Gear selection is the major factor with XC tires. The lighter you go with XC tires, the faster and lighter you can bike.

What are the best 26 inch mountain bike tires?

To choose the top mountain bike tires, we considered tread design, durability, grip, and price. Everyone is obviously concerned with price, as everyone wants a good deal. However, our number one priority is performance.

Among 26 inch tires that had better than average performance, we looked at the best value tires.

We found that the Michelin Wild Rock MTB is definitely worth the price after considering tread design, grip, durability, and price.

If you’re looking to do some bike touring, you might want to consider the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme. The Schwalbe Marathon tires are some of the most popular tires in the world, and it’s easy to see why.

They are made from high-quality rubber, giving them great puncture protection. They don’t weigh much more than other options, but they can outlast even competitors that are heavier.

How long do mountain bike tires last?

The amount of time a tire lasts depends on the kind of riding you’re doing. Trail riders can go through a pair of tires in less than a season, whereas those who ride on dirt roads might not have to change them for a whole season.

It’s hard to know when your mountain bike tire needs to be replaced because of how complex it is. For example, a tear or a hole anywhere on the tire is going to cause the same amount of instability in the handling of your bike. It’s important to ride extra cautiously when you notice any new holes from glass or other sharp objects.

How much air should be in a mountain bike tire?

Properly inflated mountain bike tires are crucial to your bike and your ride. This is true for both hard-core mountain bikers and those with casual skill sets, as even beginners need stiff, durable tires.

As a general rule of thumb, mountain bike experts advise cyclists to maintain a tire inflation rating of between 20 and 25 psi. But, if you have experience with lower tire pressure, then you’re probably OK to decrease that amount.

Meanwhile, elite riders might prefer decreasing tire pressure from 30 to 50 percent on high-speed stages. However, this practice is not advised for beginners.

To figure out your ideal tire pressure, use the following formula:

  • 20% of your body weight plus two pounds
  • Divided by two, then multiplied by 10 and then by 100

For example, if you weigh 80 pounds, then you would use this formula:


Among the 8 best mountain bike tires in the 2022 reviews, the Continental Trail King is the best in terms of overall performance and durability for most conditions.

You will probably ask yourself why the Maxxis Ikon is here being given an award, given it was a new addition to the lineup in 2016. With that in mind, take a moment to consider that this tire has made its way here first, being one of the few high-performance performance tires available at a reasonable price. Clearly the Maxxis Ikon has impressed us a great deal.

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