The 8 Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 in 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best mountain bike for 1000?

The best mountain bike for under a thousand dollars is a tricky option. Though many are beginning to jump into the world of gravel biking and trekking, that experience requires a good bike. In the end, it can be a tough decision for many beginning mountain bikers who have so many options.

So, if you are not an experienced mountain biker, you may want to think about going to a local bike shop and speaking with a professional. Consider your goals and your ride preferences. Ask the professionals what the best mountain bike for you is.

If you are experienced, then you know it can be tricky to choose a bike that you may be compromising on either performance or convenience. Things aren’t always black and white.

Thus, we will look first at the three main types of mountain bikes that you will come across most often in a bike shop.

What is the best mountain bike for the money?

Unless you have a lot of cash to burn, you’ll want to get the best possible bike for your money. But, the question is, what makes a bike good? A bike that is too heavy will be no good, and one that is too light will be a total nightmare.

What is the best entry level mountain bike?

If you are new to MTB, the best MTB for you is determined by where you want to ride, what you want to ride, and how.

For example, if you are a new rider, you will not get too much joy from riding the downhill mountain bikes.

Instead, look for cross country or all-mountain bikes that are ideal for beginners.

A cheap bike is not going to be able to handle as much as a bike a few hundred dollars above it. The weight for the bike is going to be greater, and this means you will have a harder time controlling the bike.

Consider getting a bike that is a higher quality and can handle a wider amount of riding. This is because you are going to be riding this bike quite a bit.

Is it cheaper to build a mountain bike or buy one?

That’s a great question, and — like most questions — it depends on how you build it.

But, purchasing a pre-built mountain bike is usually less expensive than building one. You won’t have to waste time shopping around for, researching, and discussing components with anyone, so that’s some time saved.

You’ll also save money later on if you choose a bike with a lifetime warranty. Should anything go wrong with the bike, you won’t have to worry about fixing or replacing it. That can save you a bundle on service because, let’s face it, you won’t have the expertise to fix everything yourself.


A bike can make all the difference when it comes to getting the most out of an adventure. A mountain bike can help you change up your usual cycling routine and give you a great workout by making sure you can cover more terrain in a shorter period of time.

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