The 12 Best Places to Buy Kids’ Bikes Online

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What could be better than summer days outside? Summer days outside with your kids on their bikes! While riding on the road can be dangerous, your kids have no choice but to get some road experience. But if you don’t want them mimicking bad habits from bad drivers and you want to get them riding on the right bike, it can be a challenge.

After all, when you look for bikes, the choices seem endless. There are bikes for racing, bikes for adults, and bikes for kids. And they all come in a variety of styles and designs. So where can you find the best place to buy kids’ bikes online? You only have a few bike-buying months before the weather gets too cold.

All those options add a lot of pressure, and I’m not even mentioning the cost yet. It’s enough to make you forget about summer and wait for next year. But summer has arrived so it’s time to stop procrastinating, time to get on your bike, and time to read these tips for finding the right bike and buying it at the right price!

If you need to find the right bike for your kid, you should know that your child should never have to ride a bicycle that doesn’t fit properly. And much more importantly, they should never ride a bicycle that doesn’t fit their needs. More so, they should never ride with safety features that slip below the acceptable standard. On top of that, a great bike should offer excellent value for money.

When you shop online for kids’ bikes, look for a business that offers a wide range of sizes and brands. You’ll also want to look for businesses that have secure checkout. This will prevent the chances of identity theft, and it will also aid in the prevention of online scammers. Finally, you must look for a trusted retailer that allows you to try the product in person before completing the sale.

You want a business that will encourage you to return the bike if it isn’t right for your child. And you also want a business that will handle the entire exchange with ease.

To help you find the right company, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best places to buy kids’ bikes online.

1. Amazon

Bike Shop: Online Shopping

If Amazon carries your preferred product, it’s probably going to be cheaper and better quality than anywhere else.
The website is generally cheaper than other online stores because they have fewer overhead costs since they offer an online store with very little personal contact.

Various modifications to your desires are very simple with Amazon. If you want to buy it used, get a size bigger, or need it shipped to a different address, you can often just type it in.

Amazon also has an extensive return policy in case you buy the wrong size or item. They are also a reliable retailer.

While it may seem convenient to purchase a product from a nearby shop, the store is probably getting a kickback on the profits if they sell you the product.

Secondly, you are very unlikely to get the product you specifically
want because local stores don’t usually carry cheap, quality products from third-party stores.

Lastly, if there is a problem with your item, locally, the store is responsible. Online, you just contact Amazon and send the item back if there is a problem.

The Biggest Selection of Kids Bikes Online

When it comes to buying kidsbikes online there is no better option than Amazon. The online giant offers a big selection and can be trusted to offer excellent customer service.

Being the largest retailer in the world, Amazon offers a great place to start your search for the best kidsbikes online. It has an easy-to-use interface so that you can refine your search based on brand, color, size, and any other criteria. Amazon also helps you to easily see whether a bike is eligible for free shipping or Amazon Prime and helps you keep track of when your bike will arrive. They offer the best delivery options, including Amazon Locker, where you can pick up your bike at a convenient place like a local 7/11 store.

If you’re planning on purchasing a kids’ bike online, we highly recommend Amazon. You can also get fast same-day shipping from Amazon for all top brands, including Schwinn.

2. Competitive Cyclist

They have a big variety of fantastic bicycles in terms of price and quality. Sometimes, when a bike is very affordable, we tend to ignore other details that can affect the quality of the overall experience. For example, a bicycle for an adult might be built for speed or comfort but for kids, it’s also really important to pay attention to brakes, seat height, and other features that will affect the overall ride quality.

But what I love about Competitive Cyclist is that they pay attention to these details. The reviews speak for themselves and people recommend this website as the best to find good quality kids' bikes. Another great thing is that they allow customer reviews on each of the bikes so that you can read some of the feedback from actual people.

If you are seriously considering buying your kid a bike, you might want to give this website a look. I’ve done a lot of research on kids’ bikes and they are one of the best.

With the most fun and info-packed video reviews on the web, there’s no question that the staff at Competitive Cyclist know a thing or two about bikes. They’ve also got competitive prices and fantastic variety, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of the best places to buy kids’ bikes on the internet.

3. Land's End

There are different types of bikes, so your little rider is sure to find something that fits his/her needs and desires.

At Lands End, you can find a hybrid bicycle for your little one, a children’s bike, or a BMX bike for the kid who likes to do tricks.

Whatever your youngster’s needs may be, you can find a bike here that will fit the bill, and with Lands End’s insistence on high quality, you can be sure that what you get will give you many years’ use. Shipping is fast and free for the US via FedEx or USPS.

Bikes from Lands End are brand new and have a 1-year warranty. A walk-through returns process is in place and anyone buying a bike can create a return label.

Huffy offers its shoppers several ways to avoid the crowds and aggravation of bike shopping. For instance, if you’re going to browse and purchase a bike online, you can compare it at your own pace from the comfort of your house.

4. Backcountry

Their prices are competitive, their bikes are high-quality, and you’ll also find a fabulous (though occasionally overwhelming) variety of parts and accessories for every kind of rider and terrain. That’s why Backcountry is one of the best places to buy kids’ bikes online. They’re committed to offering the best quality, at the best price.

Minneapolis-based Trek is a titan on the bike scene, and they’ve got a solid track record of quality bikes and great prices. They’ve won the Child Seat Adapter of the Year Award from the National Ski Areas Association for the last three years in a row. They have earned to right to be on this list.

5. The Outdoor Specialists – Now Online

Tim Shaw runs the Family Outdoor Store, which has been supplying families with children’s outdoor equipment, clothing, and accessories for 25 years. He started in his garage 25 years ago selling children’s bikes and scooters with his wife. Today, the company has more than 50 members of staff and six stores in various locations. While the company sold exclusively via retail stores until five years ago, today 90% of their sales are online. Tim Shaw himself is an avid bicyclist and avid outdoorsman, an interesting combination. We got the story about one of the best places to buy bikes online from him in this exclusive Handyman Interview.

6. Prevelo Bikes

Prevelo offers a wide variety of stylish bikes, from classic cruisers to race bikes.

Prevelo was founded by a father who was frustrated with the lack of quality bike options for his kids. Their company philosophy is to make bikes that are attractive and sturdy enough to be a trusted companion for children.

7. The Kids Bike Specialists

The Kids Bike Specialists Shop is the ideal place for parents to purchase a bike for their children. This company cares about the safety and satisfaction of their customers with their customer service being fantastic.

The site provides a wide range of bike types from colorful bikes to racing bikes and even trikes. So you are sure to find the perfect bike for your child. If you wish to see your child continually expanding their skills and abilities as they progress on their bike, this is the best option.

You need to know what to look for when it comes to purchasing your child their first bike. Whether you want to get them a fun bike to help improve balance and coordination or whether you’re looking for a running bike.

To know if the bike is ideal, you need to be sure that you understand the different body and skill levels of your child. Choosing a bike for them that is the right size will not only allow them to engage better with their bike but will also reinforce a good relationship between the two.

8. Woom Bikes

Coming from the founders of the award-winning Orange20 bike, that is a futuristic bike for those of you who want to bring a sense of adventure to the neighborhood sidewalks and city streets. Woom bikes are designed to be simple, safe, and durable while still being amazingly fun and stylish.

There are three different styles that are geared towards specific age groups. The Woom 1 is designed for ages five to seven, the Woom 2 is made for ages eight to twelve, and the Woom 3 is for kids ages twelve and older.

The Woom 1 is made of LDPE plastic, which means that it’s both lightweight and eco-conscious. It also has a cool teal color and is ideal for young riders who want to save energy.

The Woom 2, on the other hand, is made of uni-directional carbon fiber, which makes it incredibly lightweight. It’s a good option for energetic young cyclists who want to zip around the neighborhood.

And finally, the Woom 3 is designed as a commuter bike. It’s built to withstand all the wear and tear you can dish out, and it comes with disc brakes so you can stop quickly when you’re on your way to school.

9. Huffy

Huffy is famous for manufacturing some of the best kids’ bikes around. Their bikes are known for their durability and quality, and they can be relied upon to be around for years to come.

Huffy is the brainchild of Joseph Huffman, who was employed at Excelsior Bicycle Company in 1876. Eventually, Huffman left the company to form his own. During its inception, Huffy sold bikes through department stores but it quickly became clear that this wasn’t the way forward. The only way to get their bikes to a large customer base was through stores that specialized in kids’ bikes.

Although it’s now a well-recognized brand, the company didn’t always get its wheels on the road. The company was founded 124 years ago and it took quite a while before they managed to hit their stride.

It would be fair to say that the company has only made its mark in the last 40 years. They have managed to inject a bit of personality into the kids’ bike market, and now they’re experts at what they do.

10. Walmart

The first place to consider for purchasing bikes for kids is Walmart. Walmart offers a wide selection of low-priced bikes with free shipping. Some of the bikes include a training wheel that can be removed when the child is ready to ride without training wheels. Walmart also offers accessories for children, such as bicycle helmets, bike locks, and bike trailers.

11. Wiggle

Wiggle is based in Birmingham and was the first major online retailer dedicated to cycling in Europe. They specialize in selling both online and offline. They sell a range of bikes but specialize in high-quality bikes. They offer a wide range of products from clothing to accessories and are aiming to build a community around cycling. They offer a 14-day money-back guarantee as standard. Orders are generally dispatched the next day and delivery takes between 2 and 5 days. They are also an active bunch and organize groups for all members of the family to meet up and explore.

One of the Largest Online Cycling Retailers in the World

Wiggle is the largest online cycling retailer in the world, with over 1,000,000 products and more than 200 brands. They offer bikes of nearly every type, from folding bikes to mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes.

Wiggle not only sells products, but also offers services such as fitting, bike assembly, and delivery options. Customers can mix and match different products to find the perfect package for their needs.

If you’re looking to get a bike but don’t want to pay for shipping, Wiggle is your best option. As they are an online retailer, they can provide free shipping when spending a certain amount. Their prices are very competitive and once you’re at the checkout, you can increase your order by purchasing wheels, a helmet, and other necessities for cycling. Their website is easy to navigate, and you can find lots of information about each product, including the reviews of people who have already purchased it.

12. Merlin Cycles

Merlin Cycles has been in business since 1935. They are family-owned and have close ties to the city of Birmingham. They sell bicycles, road bikes, mountain bicycles, cruisers, kids’ bikes, kids’ helmets, kids’ safety gear, and indoor bicycles. Merlin Cycles is the largest bicycle chain in the UK. They have strict quality control measures when they build bikes. They take pride in their attention to detail. It’s not unusual for them to maintain a bike for years because they know they will get it right. The founder, Noel Hansen, started by building bikes for his fellow miners while he was employed in the mines. After he was laid off from the mines, Noel went on to develop the perfect workbench and in doing so became a father to industrial manufacturing.

Merlin Cycles is excellent when it comes to bicycles for kids. They have expert product designers on staff who design the bikes for kids to ride safely. They have a range of bikes that have been constructed using materials that make them lightweight and sturdy. These bikes are designed to help teach your kids how to ride and develop their balance.

Some of the features you will find in these bikes to help your kids develop skills are:

  • Handbrakes
  • Adjustable Saddles
  • Well Designed Kickspears
  • Lightweight Angular Tubing

High-Quality Bikes Backed by Excellent Customer Service

After looking around at many different bike shops and in-store bikes, we decided to put together a list of 12 places from which you can order the best kids’ bikes online. In our search, we considered customer reviews, consumer ratings, and safety assurance to present you with a list of retailers that would provide you with the best possible customer service. Top-rated online retailers for kids’ bikes are ones that offer excellent quality, customer service, and safety for their prices and that you can trust.