The 4 Best Power Meters for Road Bikes in 2022

Jan Poshenko
Written by
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With over 150 SKUs, power meters are an essential part of training for any cyclist, professional or recreational.

But, what if you are confused about which one to buy?

I get it!

Power meters come in different shapes and sizes, with varied features and the prices frequently vary. They are all pretty darn complex.

So, instead of sifting through the hundreds of models out there, I’ve carefully selected the top 4 and compared them.

You see, I, too, bought my first power meter a couple of years ago. And, I had a choice from the same number of brands and models as you may be. And that led to confusion.

I went through all available models, prices, reviews, and even customer feedback and used my vast road riding experience to make the most of my research.

And, I am here to share my expertise with you to ensure that your next power meter is the best investment you ever make.

Quarq DZero Power Meter Spider BlackBest OverallQuarq DZero Power Meter Spider Black