The 8 Best Rear Bike Racks in 2021

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It’s certainly no secret by now that rear bike racks are the essential companion for any avid biker out there. They not only bring a stylish look to your bike, but they are also super functional too.

Buyers who take their biking to the next level will usually be in the market for the best rear bike racks. They�ll appreciate the versatility they can bring to a bike during a trip, as well as their ability to easily distribute heavy loads.

Depending on your needs, there are a variety of rear bike racks to choose from, each with its own distinct assortment of features.

The best rear bike racks should be able to accompany a range of loads without suffering from slippage, or posing potential safety risks for cyclists on the road.

It will also be helpful if they are fast to install, so that they will be easily retrievable when required.

Of course, the best rear bike rack will also have the ability to complement a wider range of bikes, depending on how they are manufactured.

Ultimately, you want a rear bike rack that you can easily rely on to provide the stability, support and lifting power to bring a variety of items from point A to point B, while you ride.

And now, here is a list of our top eight best bike rear racks in 2021.

Planet Bike Eco bike rackBest OverallPlanet Bike Eco bike rack
Ibera Bike RackBudget PickIbera Bike Rack

1. Planet Bike Eco bike rack

Our rating: 9 / 10

Planet Bike Eco bike rack

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  • Great structural support
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Easy to strap the bike in and out
  • Has a tilt tension knob


  • For some bikes, it can be difficult to mount the hook on the rack onto the frame.

The Planet Bike Eco is a cargo rack that will carry almost anything from the laundry to the monthly grocery shop. It can fit a lot of the bikes in this guide with ease.

This rack can support up to 55 pounds of extra weight, yet it is quite lightweight and easy to carry around.

2. Ibera Bike Rack

Our rating: 9 / 10

Ibera Bike Rack

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  • Adjustable to many bicycle sizes
  • Easy to use rain cover included
  • It’s made of steel to last.
  • It’s compatible with different types of bike

Fits Road, Mountain or Hybrid Bikes Chrome.

Ibera Bike Rack is a popular choice among those looking for a bike luggage carrier.This bike rack can carry heavy and top side loads.It’s compatible with different types of bike and it’s adjustable, which makes it highly versatile.It can be used with different bicycles, from road to mountain to hybrid.It can be used for several bikes at the same time with ease.

We love how easy it is to use this bike luggage carrier.It has a rain cover so your bikes are well protected from sun and rain.It’s also quite affordable.

3. Tubus Logo Evo Classic Rear Bicycle Rack

Our rating: 8 / 10

Tubus Logo Evo Classic Rear Bicycle Rack

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  • Light
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a reflective insert that achieves a high level of stability


  • Handles are not attached
  • Can be expensive

The Tubus Logo Evo Classic Rear Bicycle Rack is a well-designed quality unit and is great for MTB riding.

It features a tubular aluminium design, a good choice for load-carrying, and is coated with black powder coat.

The Logo Evo Classic is available for a large range of bikes and is easy to fit, anywhere on your rear axle- but be aware you have to fit the handlebars yourself so you can attach the rack to a solid three-dimensional bar.

4. Lumintrail Bike Commuter Carrier Rack w/Seatpost Quick Release Universal Rear Mount

Our rating: 8 / 10

Lumintrail Bike Commuter Carrier Rack w/Seatpost Quick Release Universal Rear Mount

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  • Adjustable to fit most heights.
  • Tilt forward to get your cargo in.
  • Hold most bike types.
  • Adjustable seat attachment.
  • Comes with an integrated seat post.
  • Quick release function.
  • No tools required for installation.
  • No additional adjustments after install.
  • Vehicle safe.


  • There is no additional adjustment for the tension on the seat post carrier.
  • Takes longer to install than going over the bike frame.
  • Doesn’t hold bikes well for those with a larger bike frame.
  • Doesn’t fit well on bikes that have bar height higher than 35 inches.
  • The cable cutter could be bigger and has a tough time cutting thick cables.

No hassle installation for different bike types. The Lumintrail Bike Commuter Carrier Rack is going to be one of the easiest racks to install onto your chosen bike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the rack on the back of a bike called?

On the back of many bikes, there is a rack, fender, or carrying basket. It’s generally located in the same place on pretty much every bike and attached to the seat post.

Most commonly, they are called racks, but that term can be confused with the pannier, which is an accessory you can put on your rack.

These racks are incredibly useful because you can carry everything, from groceries and luggage for your vacation to your kid’s bike for the weekend.

Unfortunately, not all racks are created equal. Finding the perfect bike rack depends on where and how you plan to use it.

Racks vary in how much they can carry, their price, and how well you can attach accessories to them. When it comes to finding the best bike rack, you need to consider all these factors.

How much weight can a rear bike rack hold?

The amount that a rear bike rack can hold varies from each model. A rack usually depends on the type of bike the rack is built for (mountain, road bike, etc.) but can also depend on the size of the racks.

The Thule Vertex is the highest recommended bike rack in this list as it has a maximum load capacity of 50 lbs. The second one is the Cycle Transportation Rack that can only carry 30 lbs while.

This review of the best bike racks out there in different price levels is sure to give you an idea for the one that can best fit your bike and budget.

What is the best hitch bike rack to buy?

Hitch racks are the classic way to transport your bicycle. Yet they require a lot of effort to assemble and load your bike. If you have an SUV, you may need to fold up your rear seats.

Rather than risk bending those expensive mountain bike or road bike wheels, it’s best to take care during the loading and unloading process. That may mean laying down a tarp the first time you use your rack.

After a few uses, you’ll likely develop your own process for loading your bike, but the following tips may come in handy when loading your car for travel.

How do I choose a bike pannier rack?

There are various types of racks you can choose from depending on how and where you ride. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common racks:

The Rear Rack: This is by far the most common type of rack among all cyclists.Cycling pannier rack

You can strap all sorts of things to your rear rack, including panniers, trailers, bags, or anything else you might find.

The major con is that being located on the rear of the bike makes the weight unbalanced. This makes your bike more difficult to steer and it also makes the bike harder to control at low speeds.

The Front Rack: So common among bikers, this is a specialized rack that can also be used to attach a basket, child seat, or utility box. They usually cannot be used to carry panniers.


We found 8 of the best rear bike racks to give you a more complete understanding of what might be out there in the marketplace and at what price. Hopefully this can help you make an informed buying decision and get the best one for your bike or to share with your friends.

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Planet Bike Eco bike rackBest OverallPlanet Bike Eco bike rack
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