The 12 Best Road Bike Saddles in 2022

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We know that getting the right road bike saddle can make or break your cycling experience. It’s really important to find a saddle that meets your needs.

But with hundreds of different saddles available online, choosing the right one is a challenge.

The aim of this article is to help you choose the best road bike saddle.

But there’s a lot more to it than that. Along the way, we’ll review some of the 12 best road bike saddle options and provide you with my top tips and advice for getting the right saddle.

Then towards the end, we’ll make a summary of what the best road bike saddle is in 2022.

Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike SeatBest OverallBrooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat
ISM PR 3.0 Saddle 235mm x 145mm: BlackBudget PickISM PR 3.0 Saddle 235mm x 145mm: Black

1. Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat

Our rating: 9 / 10

Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat

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  • NaturalFit System accommodates differences in the size and shape of riders' sit bones.
  • Bike seat is made from a dual-density foam, called BioMoGo-X, that automatically adapts to a rider's bottom over time.
  • The Cambium is comfortable for long rides and has a water-resistant top layer that's ideal for the rainy winter and spring months.
  • The Cambium saddle is made with a weather-resistant top layer, which makes it comfortable in a variety of weather conditions.


  • Some riders agree the saddle is large. It does not have the bells and whistles of other Brooks saddles, so some may expect more.
  • You will need to treat the saddle to prevent it from developing a foul smell from use or if you don't live in dry climates.

The Cambium saddle from Brooks is made for long-distance rides, or commuting to work. The corrugated cover repels water, so you can ride no matter what the weather.

It has a unique, seamless plastic top-cover with molded foam underneath. If you opt for the Brooks Cambium C13, you'll have a saddle that's one inch (25mm) narrower. Both options are CNC-machined from a single block of natural (organic) tree rubber and are molded to provide support and comfort.

2. ISM PR 3.0 Saddle 235mm x 145mm: Black

Our rating: 8 / 10

ISM PR 3.0 Saddle 235mm x 145mm: Black

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  • Combination of iD-Foil technology and patented O2Flow venting for increased blood flow through the saddle.
  • Recommended by Gee Atherton, the fastest downhill bike racer in the world
  • ISM’s test team based in Austria believe this saddle is ideal for fast, aggressive riding
  • Certified Level 5 padding by TUV SUD for the ultimate in comfort


  • Only available in one width, 235mm x 145mm
  • Only available in one length 155-170mm
  • This standard width is better suited to XC/trail style riding
  • The cut-out in the saddle makes it unsuitable for some bikes with rear suspension

Like the Selle Italia SLR XP, the ISM PR 3.0 is a saddle that has been requested by professional downhill mountain bike racer Gee Atherton.

However, the ISM PR 3.0 doesn’t even come close to being as popular as the Selle Italia SLR.

3. Prologo Saddle CPC Scratch 2 PAS Tirox 134 Hard Black

Our rating: 6 / 10

Prologo Saddle CPC Scratch 2 PAS Tirox 134 Hard Black

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  • Comfortable and hard-wearing
  • Excellent value for money


  • The rear section can be a bit too hard for some riders
  • The cover material isn’t the plushest

The Prologo CPC Scratch 2 PAS Tirox saddle is a relatively hard saddle that’s made from carbon (CPC), which makes it durable and lightweight. This saddle provides excellent support in every section, thanks to its variable density foam padding.

Like other Prologo saddles, it has a cutout in the middle, which helps to reduce pressure in the sensitive parts of the body.

It comes in a wide variety of sizes, so it’s comfortable for a wide range of riders. Despite being entirely covered in synthetic leather, it’s both waterproof and resistant to wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best saddle for road bike?

Your bike seat is not something that you get to choose, does not impact your performance, but it has serious impact on your experience. It affects not only your endurance and comfort, but also your central nervous system, especially if you ride for hours.

The better your bike seat is, the less tired you will be. Don’t fall for the cheap seats that only add bulk and weight to your bicycle. Pay attention to the shape, the thickness, the padding, and the materials. We have selected the best saddles to complement your bike precisely.

Bikes come with seats that are designed for comfort, as they should. They’re designed to provide the rider with enough padding to be both comfortable and durable enough to last thousands of miles.

And yet, the seats that most bikes come with are not ones that will make you enjoy every pedal stroke, as they often lack the kind of comfort that you may be looking for.

What is the most comfortable road bike saddle?

A lot of factors will go into deciding which saddle is going to be the most comfortable road bike saddle for you.

If you ride a road bike and frequently suffer from numbness or other riding-related pains, it could be a result of having the wrong saddle.

Before you buy a new saddle, take a few minutes to consider what type of comfort you prefer.

There are three main types of hardcore bike riders:

The comfort rider, the aggressive rider, and the performance rider.

Each type prefers different types of comfort and pressure relief, which will help you to find the most comfortable road bike saddle for your riding style.

What is the most comfortable ladies bike saddle?

If you are a women looking for a comfortable bike, the choice of a good saddle is vital. With new models of saddles coming out in 2019, we know there are plenty of choices available to choose from. These new brands include: DK Bicycles, Lepper, and Genesis.

One of the best women bike saddle brands is Brooks. Their saddles are well designed and fit a womanʼs anatomy perfectly. Some women who have a wider sit bone have said that they are more comfortable in a wider saddle like the Brooks Women Carbon saddle.

Another popular saddle brand that is often endorsed by cycling experts is Selle-Anatomica. On their website you can find a list of all of the different types of saddles that they carry. It is a little overwhelming but you can find a few that might work for you.

Is a wide bike seat more comfortable?

Generally, no.

Some people may find that a wide saddle offers a bit of extra support for their sit bones. But, for the most part, it’s not the width of the saddle that is important, but rather the shape and size, especially depending on the type of bike you use.

Rider weight, riding position, and most importantly, how deeply you sink into the saddle, can all affect the comfort and support offered by the saddle.

As a rule, most are fine with a saddle that is between 138mm and 142mm wide. Some people, however, prefer a much slimmer saddle, down to just 135mm.


Our experts have compiled the best road bike saddle reviews of 2019 to help you cross the finish line faster and more comfortable than you ever have before.

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Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike SeatBest OverallBrooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat
ISM PR 3.0 Saddle 235mm x 145mm: BlackBudget PickISM PR 3.0 Saddle 235mm x 145mm: Black