The 8 Best Road Bike Wheelsets in 2020

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If you’re looking to upgrade your wheel with a new set of road bike wheels, you may be confused about what to get. There are so many options and you may not know which ones will benefit your bike the most.

Scroll down to read our in-depth reviews on the 8 best road bike wheelsets for the year 2020.

Each review is meticulously written by our in-house testing editors and is based on dozens of hours of trail and road riding. Each review is designed to give you a better idea of what type of wheelset (and why) may be best suited for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best wheelset for road bike?

If you are a cyclist upgrading to a new bike from an existing bike, or a new cyclist looking to get a new bike, the wheelset is one of the most crucial components of the bike to consider. The wheels make all the difference when it comes to getting you from point A to point B.

Why is this? The main reason is that the wheels are responsible for connecting the bike to the road. This is a major function, as it helps the bike keep its balance when turning, braking, and accelerating with movements to and from the handlebars.

Another reason is because the ultimate goal for road cyclists is speed. Whether that speed is the result of a leisurely ride in the park, or if it is due to competitive cycling on a track, the wheels need to be able to help riders move quickly down the road with ease.

Is it worth upgrading road bike wheels?

While it is true that wheels are an area that isn’t as noticeable as others when it comes to disassembling a bike and replacing components, there is still a big difference in how fast you can go, and how fast you can get there.

Wheels, whether by their lack of coverage, or their low weight, help in the efficiency of the bike.

Wheels are an essential part of how a bike handles because they’re a main component of its weight distribution.

As such, a change in the wheel weight or design has a noticeable impact on both the handling of the bike and the ease of turning, something even experienced cyclists won’t deny.

So in short, upgrading your wheels is always a beneficial decision, especially if the wheels you’re looking to upgrade to are higher in quality than the wheels you currently have.

Are carbon wheels worth it road bike?

There arenʼt many wheelsets on the market that can beat the performance of carbon fiber wheels. Carbon fiber wheels are often lighter, stiffer, more aerodynamic, and more comfortable than the aforementioned choices.

On the surface, these wheels donʼt make sense. Their lightweight carbon fiber doesn’t seem to make up for their added cost, but when you really break down what they bring to a road bike, they start to make sense.

The other most important factors to consider with carbon fiber wheels tend to be their weight and cost.

Weighing less makes a carbon fiber wheelset more responsive and faster. Carbon wheels also happen to weigh less than all other main wheel materials.

Will carbon wheels make me faster?

There seems to be a never-ending stream of technology available to the modern cyclist, so itʼs no surprise that some of the highest-end wheels available are made of carbon fiber.

Carbon wheels can be impressive to look at, and you may feel very cool riding around on them. However, some people are skeptical and concerned that carbon wheels are a waste of money, only for show and not for go.

But, carbon wheels have some actual benefits. Most importantly, they are significantly lighter than standard alloy wheels. In cycling, where speed is of the essence, weight is king.

This means that carbon wheels have stronger accelerations, because they need less combined force from the cyclist to move the same distance in a given time. This translates to both racing and commuting.


In a world of incredible engineering wizardry, keeping a sense of proportion in road bike wheels continues to remain a work in progress. If the bike wheel is as important as the drivetrain, then the latter needs to work seamlessly with the rest of the bike. All of the options listed above will help you set a new personal record on the track or the road.

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