The 10 Best Winter Cycling Jackets in 2021

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For many of us, cold, windy, and dark days can simply mean fewer rides. Your morning commute might be impossibly dark and cold, and there’s no way you’re going to ride long distances or ride in the rain when things get nasty outside.

But you can enjoy all of them with the best winter cycling jacket.

We’re talking liners, technical fabric, windproof zippers, waterproof rain resistance, and a perfect fit for maximum comfort to ensure you make the most out of your winter riding.

There are winter cycling jackets for men, women, and children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best winter cycling jacket?

Winter cycling means that you need to add some extra layers underneath your standard riding jacket. Ideally you want a waterproof, wind-proof, breathable jacket that still allows movement in the shoulders and joints while keeping you warm.

This can be obtained with a proper winter jacket that is aimed towards winter bike riders rather than skiing or cooler weather hiking. You also will want to ensure there is a pant to match the jacket to extend coverage.

Note: To be completely effective in deep winter conditions, you will need to wear cycling specific tights underneath as regular tights can let in cold air when pedaling hard.

To ensure you are fully protected, at least your hands, feet, and head will need to be covered with gloves, winter boots, and a winter/cyclist specific helmet.

What do cyclists wear in the winter?

When the temperature gets cold, a cyclists energy is drained. In cold temperatures, a cyclistʼs body needs to work harder to maintain a normal body temperature.

A cold body also means you are more likely to feel the cold, especially if windy, and this can be dangerous when riding a bike.

Most of the time, winter riding is done in layers. The biggest key is to not get too hot. You want enough insulation to keep layers of clothing to keep you warm but not enough to get sweaty.

We prefer using wool when itʼs cold as it offers a lot of warmth when wet. The outer layer should not be too thin, but also not too thick. Thin layers dry quicker which is good in cold weather.

How do cyclists keep warm in the winter?

Keeping cool is important in riding in the summer, but when the conditions change to cooler temperatures, keeping warm becomes more crucial. A sudden cool spell can ruin a long day of riding, especially when you’re not exactly dressed for the occasion.

The most common way for cyclists to keep warm is by wearing different layers of clothing. However, many cyclists opt to wear gear designed for specific weather conditions, such as rain gear for rainy days.

For motorcycle riders, the addition of clothing is pretty straight-forward. A jacket, gloves, and goggles will all help keep you warm. However, many bicycle clothes need to be built for specific riding conditions.

When riding in harsh winter conditions, serious bikers have two options: thermal garments or synthetic water-resistant jackets.

What is the best waterproof cycling jacket?

The best waterproof cycling jacket should keep you dry in cold and rainy weather, and protect you from the wind at the same time.

The best jackets won’t look too technical, yet they will be both stylish, practical and functional.

They are built to last, have the best features and are designed to be worn anywhere.

But with so many waterproof jackets around which one should you go for?

We’ve scoured the racks (Amazon/Aliexpress) to find the best jackets you can wear in cold and rain.

In our opinion, the pitstop is the Giordana Velocissimo Jacket.

This is due to the fact that it has an amazing series of features that not only look great, but actually work.


The best winter cycling jacket isn’t necessarily the warmest, the thickest, or the techiest, it’s the jacket that offers the perfect jacket for you. We hope this list helped you narrow your search.

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